Sunday, November 18, 2007

The best SIME ever


I am living in the hangover of SIME 07. Thank you everyone who came together to make this the best event I have ever been to. A special thanks to Ola Ahlvarsson (for the agenda, the crowd, the moderating, the spirit), Christopher Granfelt (for making SIME possible), Mats Larsson (the best Event producer you can find), Radon (for producing some of the best looking TV on the web), Isabelle Hüttner (for being the coolest assistant), Martin Jämtlid (for the cool set design) and Felicio Da Costa (for everything on the SIME web and more).
Thank you everyone in the audience for contributing. And finally everyone who was on stage - you rock!
A detailed report of the ideas and experiences presented at SIME 07 will soon be posted.

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