Thursday, October 18, 2007

The crazy look of Steve Ballmer

The take-away from John Battelle's interview with Steve Ballmer at Web 2.0 Summit: not as self-confident as usual. I got the impression Microsoft is looking to buy a lot of different companies to strengthen their online business. "We're in the game, we've come from nowhere quickly. But we're a relatively small player compared to the market leader (Google). In our games and devices business, what's not to love about Halo 3. There's a lot of good and a lot of areas of improvement", Ballmer said between sips of his iced Starbucks drink.
This is when Steve started to get all red in the face and jumped up and down nearly popping out of his seat: "You're just 3 years old, and we've got you in there playing basketball with a 12-year-old. You're growing up quick and getting better every day, and you've got all the potential in world, and it may take you 'til you're 7, 8, 9 or 10, but you're gonna dunk (screaming) and you're gonna dunk on the other guy some day, Johnny."
But as Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe pointed out. How come Microsoft has used Flash and not their Silverlight software in the Halo 3 site?
We all disagree on Steve Ballmer. Brilliant or crazy? I'll leave it to you to look at this picture.

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