Friday, October 12, 2007

CSI characters will chase killer in Second Life

One of the best speakers at VW Fall 2007 was Anthony Zuiker. He is the creator of the CSI franchise, and is now bringing CSI: NY to Second Life. The theme os his speech was on the future of TV and media. “What’s the future of television?” he asked. “It is as follows: TV, online, mobile, and gaming.” There has to be original, great content that can be distributed online, through mobile updates and interacted with in gaming and virtual world environments. Why? Because media companies need to attract a younger generation of viewers interested in interacting with television rather than just watching it. This is also a way of re-invented traditional advertising into a form "you just don't Tivo over".

Monty Brinton/CBS

On Oct 24 Gary Sinise’s character and other CSI:NY characters will chase a killer in the real world and follow his avatar as it disapperas into Second Life. CBS will provide two 30-second spots advertising the virtual world to call people to action online, all leading up to a months-long answer to the episode’s cliffhanger.

For the users it will be easy to participate. The down loading procedure is simplified to a nine-minute downloading time. There will be clues and action for the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced users. Anthony's avatar will walk you through the scenes.

“That’s the future of television,” said Zuiker. “There’s been some negative press about Second Life. I think why is that a lot of companies are cutting big checks with no real application for promotability. We’re putting Cisco on the air twice to show their teleconferencing capability. And then we’re putting it into the world to solve the mystery. If you’re a beverage company, I’ll drop the drinks into the show and then into the world and people will need to drink them to solve the crime.”

More on this story in New York Times.

Check out Anthony as he gives out chocolates to the audience. The woman in the red jacket taking pictures is me....

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