Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stardoll impressed the audience

Mattias Miksche, CEO, Stardoll and Stefanie Schwartz, VP Marketing, NeoPets

The kids virtual worlds market, is really the first that’s become mass market and successful from a business point of view. We’ve seen millions of users spending their money, or at least their parents’ money, on virtual worlds.

The audience were greatly impressed by the numbers that the members of the panel: "Kids and Teen Worlds" (VW Fall 2007) were presenting. Mattias Miksche of Stardoll even pulled down a round of applauds from the audience after his "girls-only"-presentation. NeoPets has a steady 10 million unique users spending a lot of money on games, gifts and stuff for their animals . Habbo has also found a recipe for keeping their users at the hotel for hours each month.

One thing that everyone in the panel could agree on, was that pre-paid cards at Target were a great success.

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