Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Look out for Google Health

More from Web 2.0 Summit: Google's Melissa Mayer described Google's ambition to focus on health services. "Google is not a doctor, but people come in millions to type in there diagnosis and search for it. Health is a huge user information need". Health has been rumored for a long time as an obvious Google vertical.

The health industry is paper-based and many health records aren’t electronic. Understandably there are also privacy concerns and lack of coordination between entities. Google's ambition is to make patient records digital and portal (so you can bring your journal to your doctor on a USB). "It is obviously a really big vision. It will take a lot of breakthroughs in digitization", Mayer said.

Another feature Google will add is to add doctors and information about them to Google Maps.

Melissa Mayer started by explaining the top ten things you might expect from Google Health ;-)

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